QSE Trainings

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QSE Trainings

Proven in large industries, our fun events are vectors of transmission of your strongest Safety messages

They strengthen team spirit, awareness of the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), learn to manage stress and to communicate accurately.


A team of three persons has to change wheels of a real Formula Renault 2.0.

This operation can not be improvised … your team has to:

  • List the tasks and allocate each one
  • Estimate the risks to minimize these
  • Improve reliability of this intervention
  • Be effective, the clock is running!
Team Bulding
Cross communication

10 participants support a Porsche GT3 committed to the 24h of Le Mans, they have to do manage the last pit stop before the end of the race.

Many operations have to be performed must be coordinated. Your team your team must be focused, precise and effective…

Team Management
Communication group
Manager role

Onboard the technical area of a cargo plane with 9 other employees under the responsibility of co-pilot. You will face three successive breakdowns, tire order, hydraulic or electric, jeopardizing the unit and the lives of his passengers.

In a noisy and dark environment, the objectives are to develop effective communication, methodical investigations and interventions made reliable.

The plane crash is imminent!

Crisis communication
Respect procedures
Interventions made reliable