Safety Driving Academy

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Safety Driving Academy

Magny Cours international circuit and Jok’Race created the Road Safety Academy called « Magny-Cours Safety Driving Academy » approved under number 24 18 01004 18

Because the road is not a circuit, this Academy spontaneously structured around security issues.

Training is provided on one day, limited to a group of 20 people from the same company to focus on individual attention within subgroups. She devotes a large part in practical exercises. Your teachers will be pilots, state graduated (BP JEPS) who will remove helmet and overall to become instructors to share their knowledges.


This day includes the following theoretical modules:

  • The driver physiology, vision field, reflexes, stress management, driving position …
  • Vital parts of the car : brakes, steering wheel, tires, etc.
  • Optional: Awareness about Eco-driving


During this training day, you’ll practice on a secure track, well react to road hazards:

  • The emergency braking
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Change of adhesion
  • Safety clearance

Three animations combining theoretical and practical exercises on the track:

  • Pneumatic: effects of over-inflation and under-inflation on braking distances and vehicle handling.
  • Electronic assistances: roles of ABS and ESP on emergency braking situation and sequence of corners on a wet surface.
  • Loading the vehicle: Track exercises are performed with an unloaded vehicle, a vehicle loaded and well distributed load and a loaded vehicle and load improperly distributed.

Because the daily rigor in an ambulance, a courier driver or a businessman driving on highway have some many differences, our program will be adapted to your business specifications for a 100% customized day.

Magny-Cours Safety Driving Academy can be exported on your place of work to set up an initiation program called « Discovery Package »

Depending of the size of your available area, the Discovery Package may contain:
  • Indoor animations
  • Driving position
  • Mini-slalom
  • Physiotherapist animation
  • The emergency braking / avoidance